Three steps to better health

Many medical conditions, like high blood pressure, don’t have symptoms until it’s damaged your body. This is why SAB Medical Aid Scheme recommends using our Early Detection Programmes to find out if your body is hiding the early signs of serious and life-altering conditions. Many of these conditions can be treated, or even reversed, if you find out about them early, start making lifestyle changes and take medicine if your doctor prescribes it.

Know your health

Early Detection Programmes such as the yearly health assessment examines health indicators like your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, waist measurement, and body mass index. Each year, you and your healthcare provider can check if your health is getting better or if there’s cause for concern. You can also have an HIV test and counselling at the same time.

As a member, you automatically qualify for this benefit. We don’t pay for these tests from your day-to-day benefits. You do not need to register. You can have the health assessment done at a Wellness Day, at your GP, or by a nurse at a network pharmacy.

Use your results for better health

Screening tests can highlight potential health problems. You can maintain or improve your health by not smoking, eating healthy food and exercising. The Early Detection Programmes not only help you to avoid expensive medical care in the future, but encourage you to keep healthy and improve your quality of life.

Maintain good wellness

Now that you've identified what you want to change in your life and what you must do to accomplish your health goals, it's time to pave the way to success. Make changes to your environment, so it works for you and not against you. If you're choosing to eat healthier, clean out your kitchen cupboards and get rid of all the junk food.

Remember to appreciate how far you have come and reward yourself for your successes no matter how small. You deserve it and you'll have earned it.

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