Cryo-Y- Semen cryopreservation

In a unique offering, we have been able to arrange an exclusive offer for members with Next Biosciences – Africa’s leading Biotech Company that combines medicine, science and technology to create innovative products and services, enabling you to invest in your future health. Members on selected schemes administered by Discovery Health can get up to 25% off Cryo-Y, Next Biosciences’ semen cryopreservation service.

Benefit for members

You can get up to 25% off the freezing and storage costs with Cryo-Y. The discount does not apply to the registration or retrieval fee.  

About semen cryopreservation

Now, more than ever, we have control over our reproductive lives. Depositing semen in a long-term storage bank offers options for future fertility and peace of mind. Next Biosciences can store your sperm at their accredited cryogenic facility until you need it.


Reasons men should consider semen cryopreservation:

  • Before undergoing cancer therapies – therapies such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation can cause permanent sterility and infertility.
  • Before having prostate or testicular surgery – damage can be caused to a man’s reproductive organs during testicular surgery or a prostatectomy.
  • Before having a vasectomy – to preserve fertility and prevent the need for reversal surgery if personal circumstances change.
  • High risk occupations – where men are exposed to chemicals, radiation and extreme heat which can lead to infertility in men.
  • When involved with assisted reproductive technologies.
  • When men are going to be absent – Semen freezing enables the female partner to continue with her reproductive schedule even if the male partner can’t be there due to work commitments or unforeseen circumstances.
  • Professional sportsmen (especially cyclists) - strenuous and consistent impact can lead to infertility.

Using cryogenically preserved semen for reproduction

Human semen has been cryogenically stored since the 1950’s and, due to on-going research, the process and techniques have become more refined, giving men the assurance that they will have reproductive success after an extended period of storage. In addition, the chances of “conceiving” a healthy child (with no birth defects) using cryopreserved semen is no different to "conceiving" a child using a fresh semen sample. However, there are concerns if the semen was produced after chemotherapy, as chemotherapy may affect the DNA of sperm. This is why it is crucial to preserve your fertility prior to cancer therapies. Many pregnancies are achieved with artificial reproductive technologies using cryogenically preserved semen samples but it must be noted that the success rate also depends on the female partner’s fertility status and age.


How is the semen stored?

The semen is stored in small straws that are placed in liquid nitrogen in a cryogenic storage tank. Storage of 2-3 semen ejaculates is optimal, but this depends on the volume of the ejaculate, the initial sperm count and forward progression of the sperm. Your semen will be analysed and you will be advised if more ejaculates need to be stored to ensure maximum reproductive success in the future.


What do I do when I am ready to use my semen for reproductive purposes?

The first step will be to make an appointment with a fertility specialist to assess your fertility status and that of your partner. You will need to inform the fertility specialist that you have semen cryogenically stored at Next Biosciences. Next Biosciences will only release your semen samples to the fertility clinic when you have given written notification for this to happen. Next Biosciences will coordinate delivery of your semen to the fertility clinic.


Why should I consider Next Biosciences to cryogenically store my semen?

  • Next Biosciences state-of-the art storage facilities are of an international standard and can be compared to the best cryogenic facilities in the world.
  • Next Biosciences has a specialised monitoring system to monitor its facility, equipment and storage tanks, offering you optimal storage security.
  • Next Biosciences has the backing of doctors and reproductive specialists in the fertility field.
  • Next Biosciences offers a personalised service.

How to start the process of getting your semen cryogenically stored

Please note that the Cryo-Y service is currently available in Johannesburg and Pretoria. If you live outside of these cities, you have to travel to either of the cities at your own cost.

  1. |Call Netcells on 011 697 2900 or email
  2. |Register and make payment online
  3. |Next Biosciences will then be in contact with you regarding the next steps


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