Are you receiving our emails and text messages?

Please make sure that we have your latest cellphone number so we can send information and reminders to you.

We often send you important updates and reminders by email or SMS. This is more effective as it reaches you quicker than in the mail and we can keep it confidential.

We are trying to move away from postal communication - as this method often takes longer…. sometimes things might even go missing in the post… so why take the chance. Update your details and send us your cellphone and email address now!

It is also better for the environment

We are introducing earth-friendly, seamless and paperless communication to reduce our effect on our local landfills, forests and water use. According to Earth911, each sheet of paper takes an average of five litres of water to make! More than 60 percent of wood harvested worldwide goes into making paper. We think we can have a positive effect on the planet by saving water and forests.

We want to make sure you are up to date with news about your benefit option, special offers and wellness. Please make sure the contact details we have for you are correct and give us different ones if your current ones do not work.

You can update your personal information, including your email address and cellphone number, by:

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