Keep an eye on your health in 2021

In 2020, COVID-19 disrupted our usual way of life with hard lockdowns, new hygiene habits and, later, promises of a 'new normal'. With the lockdown restrictions and the virus, many people avoided doctors, hospitals and pharmacies, and didn't have their yearly health checks.

This means that your body could have had an extra year to hide the early signs of potentially serious medical conditions. The only way to know is to go for preventive screenings. Keep in mind that the earlier you detect problems, the better treatment works.

Have a health check each year

At SABMAS, we believe that everyone should go for basic yearly screenings to at least check your:

  • Blood sugar
  • Cholesterol
  • Body mass index (BMI)

These screenings can show you if you're at risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or other conditions that can lead to heart disease or even a stroke. You need to know these measurements since they're often the first signs that you're developing a condition. With tests, you can catch this long before you start showing symptoms.

We pay for one health check a year for each member from your Preventive and Screening Benefit as long as you have them all done at the same time at a Wellness healthcare provider. We pay for this screening test without using the money in your Medical Savings Account (if you have one) or your other day-to-day benefits.

More cover for screening tests and preventive care

We cover a range of screening tests based on our members' sex, age and chronic conditions.

Screening tests for adults

There are limits to how often we pay for screening tests. As a member of SABMAS, you also have cover for the following screening tests for adults from the Preventive and Screening Benefit:

  • Mammogram: one every two years for females
  • Pap smear: one a year for females
  • Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test: one a year for males
  • Seasonal flu vaccine: one a year for members older than 65 years or members who are registered for certain chronic conditions

We pay for these tests at up to the SABMAS Rate. This means that if you get the test or vaccine from a network provider, we pay for it in full and you won't have to pay in.

Screening for people 50+ years or older

We also offer cover for specific tests for members who are 50 years or older:

  • DEXA bone density scan (for osteoporosis and bone fragmentation)
  • Glaucoma test (for blindness)

Depending on the screening results, these members also have cover for a GP consultation in the GP Network.

For more information on your benefits and cover, visit or read your 2021 Benefit Brochure, which is available on the SABMAS website.

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