How to meet your Healthcare goals at work

New Year’s resolutions have been made already, but it doesn’t have to start and stop at home, you can also set goals at work to enhance your overall health and wellbeing. If you’re counting the hours until you can go home, we have five work goals and tips on how you can achieve them.

Work smarter, not harder

Start each day off by creating realistic to-do lists and choosing three tasks you want to get done that day. Long to-do lists will just make you feel overwhelmed and like you don’t have a handle on your day.

Most companies measure your performance based on outcomes, not on how much time you spend at the office (we hope!). It makes sense to work out what you need to get done and then set aside a set amount of time to work on it.

Being able to work to a rhythm that’s comfortable to you is important for productivity, and that is where the next goal comes in.

Introduce flexitime and working from home

You can’t always arrange to work when you’re naturally most productive, but it’s always worthwhile to ask. Think about at what time of the day you have the most energy and get the most done. Wouldn’t it make more sense to work at those times?

Ask your employer if you can work flexitime so you work when you’re at your best. You can also ask if you can work from home if you need to focus or work better without the distractions of colleagues.

Take breaks

Reducing stress should be one of your top goals in 2020. Figure out what activities help you relax and give yourself a proper break from your work throughout the day.

Ideally, you shouldn’t work for longer than 90 minutes before taking a 15 to 20-minute break. You can go for a quick walk, do a few stretches in a nearby park or on the office balcony. If you work from home, you can make your walk to your closest coffee shop your break.

Learn a new skill

The new year gives you a chance to think what new thing you’d like to learn. You can aim for becoming an Excel guru or find an online course to improve your job skills. You don’t have to choose a skill that’s linked to your work.

Learning any new skill or starting a new hobby can keep your brain busy, and bring down your stress levels. This is good for you as a person, and will also take the edge off your work day.

Put your cellphone away

Checking your cellphone constantly or being on call all the time is bad for your eyes, brain and stress levels. For many people, work means sitting in front of a computer screen each day. Try not to look at your cellphone first thing in the morning or for an hour before you go to bed. This should bring your stress levels down.

Did any of these goals speak to you? You don’t have to only work on your own goals. Speak to your colleagues at work and see if you want to set goals at a team. Working together to reach goals keeps you accountable. Another perk is having a whole team to cheer you on!

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