Netcare 911 on 082 911

If the unthinkable happens and you’re faced with a medical emergency like a car accident or a heart attack, there’s only one number you need to remember: 082 911. Don’t wait. Put it into your cellphone and your loved ones’ cellphones now!

Not only is Netcare 911 South Africa’s foremost provider of emergency medical services, it has several benefits:

  • They ensure great response times
  • They ensure the correct emergency staff is sent to a medical emergency to provide the correct level of care
  • Invoices are sent directly to Netcare 911, so you don’t have to worry about receiving and submitting them.

Another important benefit of Netcare 911 is that you have access to free telephonic advice from registered nurses and telephonic trauma assistance by qualified trauma counsellors. We encourage you to use this benefit in an emergency. It’s available 24/7.

Remember in an emergency call 082 911. For more information about our Motor Vehicle Accident Benefit click here.

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