Claim statements and notifications made easy

SAB Medical Aid Scheme sends you claim statements and claim notifications so you can keep track of how you use your benefits. They can also show you if there’s any fraudulent activity on your membership. Please read your statements and notifications carefully.

Checking how we pay claims:

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  • Allows you to check if there was a problem with a claim and if you need to do something for us to pay the claim
  • Allows you to keep track of your medical spend so you’re not caught by surprise when you reach your limit for benefits
  • Provides you with the reason if we do not pay the claim in full

If you notice a claim you don’t recognise or see the claim amount is wrong, or if you have any questions, contact us on 0860 00 21 33.

Claim notification

A claim notification is an email to let you know we’ve received your claim and that we’ve processed it. Like a transaction notification for a bank account, your claim notification lets you know about activity on your membership. Your claim statement gives you the details of your claims.

We use a reference number on claim notification emails. Always use this number when you contact us to ask about a specific claim.

Claim statement

Our claim statement gives details of every claim submitted by hospitals and healthcare providers, the cost of the claim, and your remaining benefits. We only send claim statements if you claim.

Our claim statement is printer friendly. You won’t lose any information or get odd formatting when you print it out. Please don’t print the claim notification; it is not formatted for printing.

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