Answering frequently asked questions about tax season

The 2020 tax season opens on 1 July 2020. To request your tax certificate, click here or call 0860 00 21 33 and we will send it to you.

How does the Scheme calculate contributions from 1 March 2019 to 28 February 2020?

The tax certificate shows only the portion of your monthly contributions you can claim back from the South African Revenue Service (SARS). Our certificate only shows the part of your monthly contribution you pay to the Scheme. You cannot claim back your monthly Vitality contribution, for example.

How does the Scheme calculate “Claims not recovered from the Scheme"?

"Claims not recovered from the Scheme" shows the total rand amount of claims the Scheme didn’t pay, including any part of a claim we didn’t pay. We only show the amount you tried to claim from us, so keep your receipts for medicine or treatment if you paid for it directly and did not try to claim it through the Scheme. Some reasons we didn’t pay claims could be because your claims were more than your benefit limits or if you had treatment that was not in our benefits.

Why do I get a monthly breakdown of the main member and active dependants?

The part of your medical scheme contributions you can get a tax benefit on is calculated on a monthly maximum rand amount (a ‘capped amount’) that is based on the number of people on your membership.

Visit the SARS website, or contact your tax adviser for more information.

How can I print an authorised copy of my certificate?

Unless you physically go to a SARS office, you can submit an electronic version of your tax certificate. If you need a physical copy of your tax certificate, it should be printed with an ‘authorised copy’ watermark. If it doesn’t show the watermark, change your printer settings to print background colours and graphics.

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