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About SAB Medical Aid

SAB Medical Aid is a closed medical scheme and is only available to employees of South African Breweries, ABI and SABMiller plc Group subsidiaries in South Africa, pensioners and their families. The Scheme aims to provide great benefits to meet its members' healthcare needs at the most affordable price. In addition to this, we also provide our members with a unique wellness offering, which encourages health awareness and provides peace of mind through preventative care and early detection.

Network Providers

These are Healthcare Providers that have been selected by SAB Medical Aid as the first choice for meeting our members' healthcare needs. Members are encouraged to use Network Providers for both Prescribed Minimum Benefit conditions and other medical care.

Specialist Designated Service Provider Network

This is a group of specialists with whom we have negotiated, to give you quality healthcare services at specified rates. If you decide to use a specialist who is not on our list and who charges above our tariff rates, you will then be responsible for any additional costs (i.e. the difference between the amount the specialist bills and the Scheme rate. If you use a specialist who is part of this network, you will only be required to pay the 20% co-payment, subject to the applicable limits.

If you are an Essential Option member you will need to be referred by a GP before you see a specialist. These claims will fund up to the scheme rate and is subject to a yearly limit.

General Practitioner Preferred Provider Network

We have contracted the Discovery Health GP network to provide healthcare services at a specified rate. They will not charge fees above the contracted rate and, if you use a provider who forms part of this network, you will only be required to pay the 20% co-payment, subject to the applicable limits.

All members on the Essential Option are required to choose a GP to visit. If you see your chosen GP, are pay 85% of the agreed or Scheme Rate, and the 15% will be the member portion. If you see someone other than your chosen GP, we will pay 60% of the agreed or Scheme Rate. The member portion will be 40%. 20% being a co-payment for not seeing your nominated GP and the 20% surcharge that applies to all consultations.

Please click here to find a Specialist or GP in a network applicable for your plan option.

If there are no Network Providers within a reasonable distance of your work or home, please contact us on 0860 002 133 for assistance with alternative options.

Pharmacy Network Provider

Medicines should be obtained from the SABMAS Pharmacy Network to avoid co-payments. To find a Network Pharmacy, please click here

Use a pharmacy network for both your acute and chronic medicine, for the Essential and Comprehensive options, to avoid the additional 20% co-payment.

Optometry Network

When you visit an optometrist on our Preferred Provider Optometry Network, you can now get a 20% discount on frames and lenses. You may still visit an optometrist who is not on the Network, however, you will then not get the 20% discount. To benefit from the discount, you need to ensure that any optometrist you use is listed on our Optometry Network.

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